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Natural Health Courses School

Hypnotherapy, Meridian Psychotherapy, Past Life Therapy, & Medical Hypnotherapy Workshops

Also Reiki Attunements

Conducted by : Antony J. Edwards

ND MD(MA)Psychotherapy PsyD FRCP(MA) FBIH

Tony is a Nationally Registered Hypnotherapist and is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register. He holds the GHR’s Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (SQHP). Tony has earned professional qualifications in Hypnotherapy and in Hypnoanalysis.


Hypnotherapy, Meridian Psychotherapy, Past Life Therapy and Medical Hypnotherapy students! - Workshops and Practical Training Days available for these subjects. Tony Edwards, our course writer and professional Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, provides one-on-one training for all students (maximum of 4 per class). If you wish to participate please CLICK HERE.


The workshops and training days will cover the theory and practice of these subjects. A training certificate will be awarded on completion of the workshop. To secure your place on the day early registration is required. 



Tony will be happy to hold one-on-one training sessions with SNHS students, who are nearing the end of the Medical Hypnotherapy course



Reiki Attunements


" Tony is also a Reiki Master in the Western lineage going back via Claudia Hoffman ...Phyllis Furumoto ... Hawayo Takata ... Chujiro Hayashi ... Mikao Usui."


VENUE:  Colchester, Essex,  England at Tony’s consulting rooms.

BOOKING: For full details please contact Tony Edwards by email 
or by phone on +44 (0) 1206 503561




10 February 2010
Hi Julia,

First and foremost thank you for the wonderful and interesting courses I have been provided with.  Apart from heading towards a 'new career' I am learning so many new and interesting things.  Just waiting for my final Advanced Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy exam to be marked. 


I would like to recommend that before anyone starts out in this field that a visit with Tony Edwards, his Workshop is worth every penny.  I had a great day, all my questions were answered and his professional, yet friendly advice was invaluable. 
Workshop page:


Hopefully I will begin working as a therapist early next month and as well as the hypnotherapy, I am going to concentrate on stress management. So hopefully I will be adding comments to the graduates page.


I am looking forward to completing the other courses I have lined up.

Kind Regards 

Simon Ayres


4 February 2009
Dear Tony,


It was great meeting you on 27th January 2009.  I would like to send you a thank you letter for your amazing training in Past Life Therapy.  I learnt a lot in only one day and I am now looking forward to starting my own practice.


I am sending you something from Greece, I am sure you will like it.


Best Wishes,


Manos Psaroudakis - UK

School of Natural Health Sciences Graduate.


7 October 2008
Dear Julia

I am writing to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed training in Hypnotherapy level one, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling with the S.N.H.S.  I still have my final theory exam to do which I hope to complete this weekend.

This week I attended a days practical training with Tony Edwards.  Tony is a natural teacher and I count myself lucky to have found him.  The content was professionally delivered , well thought out and geared to give a student confidence.

When I arrived that morning I had no idea I was going to be a completely changed person by the end of the day.  I was to actually do a session of hypnosis on someone at the end of the afternoon and I found it a bit daunting.

As the day progressed I became more confident and competent, by the time I had to do the session, I felt more in command.   Tony taught me a technique that will carry me through in my new career.  I could not have done without him.

Kind Regards


Victoria Fallowfield


18th August 2008

I feel you must not think Reiki is something magical or mysterious. With help from Tony Edwards I learnt the 'Last Secret' and attuned myself with his instructions.  You should understand that you are just a receiver gaining the universal energy and transmitting it to help others.  I have found since my attunement that I can ask for guidance in Reiki and then something will happen to show me the way. When I am healing with Reiki my instinct or the guidance as I scan takes me to the area where the client has a problem. I find the heat from my hands grow as I scan over the painful area.


As Tony advised I use the Reiki to take my hands where they are needed and not just keeping to a strict pattern. At the moment I can only use Reiki for about 30 minutes but I am sure with practise I will extend this. I found when I had attuned to the symbol Dai Ko Myo my abilities grew. Tony had already indicated in his lessons I would experience a very strong light coming into my crown like a flower opening its petals.


I would recommend this course for self development, self treatment and to gain 'inner peace' even if you do not practise healing on others. 




18th August 2008

I recently attended Meridian Psychotherapy and Past Life Therapy Workshops with Tony Edwards. I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with Tony. Both workshops were informative and well structured. I particularly enjoyed the Past Life Regression session as I was able to work with a volunteer and the
results were remarkable.

Tony is an excellent teacher not only in his field but he also has a well rounded knowledge, which he has obviously gained through experience and that supports his teaching of these fascinating subjects.




19th February 2008
Dear Tony,

Thank you so much for the Hypnotherapy Workshop yesterday. 

I had the most marvellous time and learnt so much. I was so excited with the responses I got from Julian (my client) - it was as much as I could do not to whoop with delight when he started to count backwards!
I have sent off for the registration with the PHPA (Professional Hypnotherapists Practitioners Association) so as soon as that is through I shall begin my work.

I would still like to come over for 'refreshers', perhaps in a couple or three months if possible?
Many thanks again


22nd February
Hello Julia

I just want to say that I have had a very useful and informative practical training day with Tony Edwards which has helped me greatly with my studies in Meridian Psychotherapy. 


Thank you School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS Ltd) for the courses that you make so accessible to us all.





Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association
Please make contact directly with Tony Edwards, not with SNHS.
Tony will be happy to arrange other workshops or individual training sessions
in Colchester, on any Saturday or Sunday.  Please email him to discuss your requirements.
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