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Practical Work


The answer is that, Your Practical Work is carried out with our assistance and guidance, this is an enjoyable and enlightening experience

Students often ask the question: "Do I need to do any practical work?"


Practical Work


Our courses are unique, not only in the 'easy to understand format' that they are presented in, but also because as Distance Learning Courses, they have achieved 'Accreditation level', without the need for 'practical attendance'. This reflects the high level' of detail and information found in all our lessons and reflects our 21st Century Assessment and examining procedures. All the 'Practical Elements' are dealt with in the coursework, by way of detailed diagrams.


WITH ALL HANDS-ON THERAPIES: Please arrange your own team of volunteers to coincide with your enrolment for any 'hands-on' therapy subject. We ask you to begin working with these people as soon as you commence your studies, putting into practise every movement which you are covering in your coursework. This will give you confidence which will build throughout your course. (We advise you to select individuals who are close to you, whom you feel comfortable with, who have no serious ailments, it is essential that you receive detailed feedback from these volunteers in order that you can work with them to build your confidence and perfect your techniques) This will give you the required confidence to build on your knowledge and expertise throughout your course. Should you experience any problems during this initial period, this is the time to ask us for assistance. It is our role as professional trainers to assist on an on-going basis, throughout the learning period of all our students.


This is your opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience prior to working with your paying clients once you have graduated.


CASE STUDIES - We will require a minimum of three case-studies (three different volunteers) to be written up and submitted to us prior to your final (theory) examination. Each case-study should give details of a series of at least three different sessions. We provide everyone with guidelines on how to conduct this Practical Work. If you need additional assistance or advice our 'friendly team' are at your disposal to guide you through. This really is the 'fun part' of your coursework, working with the therapy that you are studying, assessing your results and obtaining feedback from your volunteers will serve to enhance your confidence once you begin working with your paying clients. Enjoy this vital part of your training, this will pay dividends later in your career as a professional therapist.


WORKSHOPS - Although not compulsory at present, workshops are available and are of great benefit to those student who choose to attend.


Should you require any motivation or inspiration with this aspect of your course we highly recommend an article in our Reading Room, written by one of our students about her personal experience of recruiting and working with her volunteer group.


Successfully completing your hands-on work is a requirement of our accrediting body, the International College of Holistic Medicine.  Your diploma will show this accreditation which means that you will be entitled to practise your chosen therapy and use the letters S.N.H.S. (followed by the therapy you have studied) after your name.


This practical work is also great fun and should be one of the most enjoyable parts of your course.