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Natural Health Courses School

Why so many choose our school for their holistic therapy training.

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Since we began our operation in 1997, our friendly and professional team have trained many thousands of individuals in their chosen Natural Health Fields. This year, 2014, we are celebrating our 17th year of operation (1997 - 2014).

Why Studying with the School of Natural Health Sciences is the ‘best choice’ for you!


Our Track Record

No other distance learning, training establishment offers you the vast number of courses we provide in the Holistic Therapy field, and furthermore

at the most ‘affordable prices’! We currently have over 26,000 students studying with us, the vast majority of which are based in the UK, however

we also have many students from all around the world.


On successful completion of any of our courses, students will receive a 'Practitioner/Therapist level Qualification'.

Our Accreditation

Today's clients expect Therapists to be professional. When they visit you, they want to be advised and treated by a fully trained and qualified

therapist. Full Membership of The International College of Holistic Medicine, ICHM, shows them that you are a true Professional.
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Click Here for the Professional Bodies who accredit our courses, in the UK and around the world.


Prior Qualifications

No previous academic qualifications are required, to begin on your New Career Path. However if you have previously studied any subjects in the

Holistic Therapy field, you may be entitled to apply for certain exemptions on the route to achieving your personal aims.


Time Frames

We set no time limits for the completion of any of our courses.  Students study at their own pace, fitting their studies around a busy

lifestyle, and work commitments. In real terms, around 200 hours study for a foundation course and around 300 hours study for an advanced

course.  Plus time for 'practical work' with your volunteers for any hands-on therapy.  This is simply a guide, everyone studies at their own

pace, this is adult learning, we allow our students to feel comfortable with their own time frames, which are not imposed by us. Our courses will

not expire.


Choose your Distance Learning Study Method!

We provide Tutored, and Self Study courses -  Both methods are conducted through 'distance learning'. If you require Tutored assistance, your

Tutor will mark your answers, and return them to you, with any helpful comments, at the end of each lesson (by email).  If you do not require this

additional support, you may opt for Self Study. The Self Study Team assess your answers, if work is not reaching our threshold of acceptance,

students will be asked to repeat. Self Study work is submitted and assessed every third lesson. (No marking)

Pre-Enrolment Questions?

You may find our ' Frequently Asked Questions page' helpful:

Here you will find explanations of the different methods of distance learning and how your answers are assessed or marked, after each lesson. 

Plus many other helpful sections of information.


Studying with the School of Natural Health Sciences is the best route you could take for your future Professional Qualifications!

Our 17 years experience tells us that we are true experts, and over 26,000 of our students agree!


Please feel free to email our Enquiries Department: 
and request some 'sample pages', just tell us which courses you are interested in.