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Natural Health Courses School

Higher International Diploma

Students who successfully complete their studies with us may wish to consider undertaking this prestigious diploma project to further their qualifications.

The Higher International Diploma


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Higher International Diploma


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Dissertation Criteria for The Higher International Diploma


The Higher International Diploma is not a course; there are no lessons, modules or coursework to complete. This prestigious Diploma is awarded on the successful completion of a thorough, in-depth dissertation/essay of between 2000 and 3000 words, which shows you have a complete understanding of your course subjects. A fee for this award of £50 (or $100) is payable.

  • We are looking for 'Original Work' and a 'good original topic' for your dissertation, no material or reference to the material provided in our coursework may be submitted for this
  • This is a research project which you must conduct entirely yourself
  • The content may include any of your case studies, which are always unique to the individual. Please bring into your dissertation all of the therapies you have studied with the reasons why you feel your work with them has been successful
  • You may use books, other websites and internet searches to find information for your project, but you must reference all material in the Bibliography at the end of your dissertation
  • Any information you use must be in your own words and not directly lifted or copied from the other sources, as this is an infringement of their copyright


Students, who have completed both the Foundation (non Advanced) and Advanced Courses:

  • In One of the course subjects listed below, may then apply to complete their Higher International Diploma in the "same subject"
  • In any Three of the course subjects listed below, may then apply to complete their Higher international Diploma in "Naturopathy

Course Subjects:

Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Herbalism, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Meridian Psychotherapy,

Nutrition,Past Life Therapy, Reflexology and Stress Management



Students, who have successfully completed Three different Foundation (non Advanced) Courses:

  • In Any of our course subjects may then apply to complete their Higher International Diploma in either "Complementary Therapies" or "Holistic Therapies"

Course Subject Exceptions:

Anatomy & Physiology, Child Psychology and Philosophy



'Accomplished and original' dissertations may be published in the Reading Room section of our website, please visit the page to read some of the successful articles already included in this section.



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