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Pamina is a Corporate Stress Management Consultant, Personal Stress Management Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and author of Two Books.

Pamina is based in Harare, Zimbabwe


She has the following holistic therapy qualifications:
MASC, MASC(Corp), SNHS Dip. (Hypnotherapy),
& SNHS Dip. (Life Coaching)

Pamina Mullins


Great News!

My second book entitled "Why Me? The Energy Dynamics of Stress" has been published and is available through Amazon


Here is a selection of the positive comments received by people who have enjoyed the book


Why Me? like your website is bursting with variety and joy. It just explodes off the page; so fluent and many-featured. You seem unstoppable. Congratulations!"
- Dr. Ron Benton M.A. (Oxon), Ph.D.


"I finished your book a couple of days ago. I found it most compelling and with a tremendous amount of useful information about living every day gainfully. It took me slightly longer to read because there was a need to carefully assimilate the hints you gave. However, your style of writing, with a good measure of humour thrown in, made it easy and pleasing to read. I really enjoyed it, had some good laughs and looked at myself more closely." - Stan Fynes Clinton author of The Shattered Jewel



Pamina Mullins began her Hypnotherapy studies with the School in 2008.

Pamina says:


Having experienced many of life’s major stressors at some point in my life; work stress, financial stress, divorce, single parenthood, birth, bereavement and relationship stress to name a few,  I decided to turn them into assets instead of liabilities! While still licking emotional wounds inflicted by the death of my daughter, I took the first step toward legitimizing them – not to mention making my hard earned knowledge pay!


I moved with my son to the UK, from my homeland Zimbabwe. The vastly different environment and lifestyle provided plenty of potential stress but when the going got really tough, I reasoned, I’ve walked every step of this talk, how hard could the ‘theory’ be? My studies gave me fascinating insights into aspects of psychology, anatomy, physiology, counseling and creative problem solving, helping me heal the wounds of profound grief. You know that saying “we teach best what we most need to learn”? I gained valuable insights into the common causes of stress in people who live on two vastly different continents and come from such disparate cultures. Although many of the major ones; work stress, relationship stress, health stress and family stress are common denominators, they manifest in very different ways. Some stressors are unique to a specific environment. Expanding my counseling and motivational skills in this way was an exciting challenge and equipped me to be far more effective in my chosen profession.


Upon qualifying in both Corporate and Personal Stress Management I returned to Zimbabwe, to apply my skills to people in crisis. It was a baptism by fire; stress management on the ‘front line’, and I learned as much from each client as they learned from me.


Because so many of my clients were literally fighting for their survival, I yearned for a ‘healing tool’ that was more powerful and the positive impact on their problems more immediate. I had always been fascinated by Hypnotherapy and had read widely on the subject, so I decided to take this fascination one step further. I returned to the UK and enrolled for a Self Study Hypnotherapy course with S.N.H.S. As fate would have it, this coincided with their “2 for 1” special offer – perfect timing. I was surprised and delighted by the standard of their course material, and enjoyed every minute of my Hypnotherapy studies, discovering new concepts and more powerful healing tools with each lesson. 


I went on to complete a Self Study Life Coaching course with S.N.H.S. and although many of the concepts and tools were familiar, I once again discovered interesting new ways to apply Life Coaching to people with all manner of limiting beliefs which sabotage their innate ability to succeed and lead healthy, happy lives. My motivational teaching style has always centered on empowering people to formulate their own solutions to life’s problems, so Life Coaching is a natural choice for me. It never ceases to give me a powerful sense of satisfaction, when I watch a client formulate solutions to their unique challenges, apply them and experience the rewards of transforming their lives in ways they previously believed impossible.



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