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April 2015 Newsletter
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Happy April Everyone!

Have you got 'Spring Fever'? Believe me, it’s the best Fever to have!  Filling the soul with a 'warm glow', and 'positive vibes' for 'New Beginnings'!  Longer, lighter days and fresh Spring Flowers, everything good! An ideal time to make changes for the better with a New Career!  We can help you; we have the 'Spring Makeover' feeling too!

What's New?

'Positive vibes' from our new graduate, Charlotte Swash, who launched her Holistic Therapy business in ...... 2014


Holistic Therapy - The Age Proof Career


Benefit from Bicarbonate of Soda - Yes! Really...


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Spring tips to boost your positivity!

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Our Graduate Opens her Business

Hi, I'm Charlotte Swash, Lifestyle Consultant and Personal Performance Coach. Founder of Core Harmony.  

My company is based in the West Midlands UK, and I cover Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. http://www.coreharmony.co.uk/


I began my business in September 2014 after completing my Life Coaching, Stress Management and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Courses with the School of Natural Health Sciences.

Read Full Story >>


Holistic Therapy - The Age Proof Career

The Health and Wellness field is on track to be an area where work will be created over the next decade.

Working closely, helping people in the Holistic Therapy sector, is becoming more in demand, especially in the talking therapy areas such as Life Coaching, Colour Therapy, Nutrition, etc., not to mention the hands-on therapies for reducing stress, tension and minor ailments i.e. therapies such as Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage and Reflexology, all of which will play a part.

Holistic Therapists tell us that being mature helps to gain client confidence: makes sense, doesn’t it?  Those who have qualified in this profession benefit tremendously from also attending the 'University of Life'….

Why not train for an 'age proof' career, starting now? Courses A-Z >>


The Little Miracle in your Kitchen

Benefit from Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking Soda)...
Whatever next?

Recognised centuries ago for its healing properties, now we use it for baking cakes?  Or does it have other qualities to improve our health?

Read Full Article >>

Tony Edwards also includes a supplement on this subject in our foundation course in Clinical Nutrition >>


Study from Any Device!

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Positive Thinking is a Choice

Try some of these tips to boost your positivity…

Make some space
, "spring clean" your home or office.

Look after yourself, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.  

Get outside! Re-discover Nature and the fresh air.       

Write down five things you do that make you feel happy. 

Be nice to other people, no matter what.


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  The End Bit ...

This April make a 'Career move for the better'.  We provide you with a 'really affordable route' to your 'new future'.  Already a therapist? Let us help you expand your range of therapies!

With our April Very Special Offers everyone can afford to learn for a 'bright new future'. 

The 'Bonus Ball' is - you can complete your studies at your own pace, with no time limits.  This means an 'enjoyable journey', to a 'brighter future', without the pressure of working to deadlines! 

We do it all…………….So can you! 

'Happy April' and best regards,


p.s  'A big round of applause' to everyone who has given us such tremendous support for this Newsletter.  Your contribution is 'really, really valuable' to us!

p.p.s. Our List of over 40 subjects is here:  Courses A-Z >>

Holistic Therapy Training at
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April ~ Time to study for a 'New Career'!!!


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