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April 2014 Newsletter
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Special Offer #1
Special Course Pack
of the Month

New Graduate
 & UK Contact

Special Offer #2

New Workshops

Special Offer #3

Silver Star Pack

Congratulations to
 Donna Carrington

Special Services


Positive Thinking

The End Bit...


  Happy EASTER Everyone!

Anyone out there have ‘Spring Fever’? Believe me, it’s the best Fever to have!  Filling the soul with a 'warm glow', and 'positive vibes' for ‘New Beginnings’!  Even the birds have got the hang of it! Longer, lighter days and fresh Spring Flowers, everything good! An ideal time to make changes for the better with a New Career!  We can help you; we have the ‘Spring Makeover’ feeling too!

What's New? 

‘Positive vibes’ from our new graduate, Julia Clegg, who launched her Holistic Therapy business in September 2013 and also joins our UK Contacts.


Workshops are now provided in East Yorkshire, UK


A make-over for our 'Silver Star Pack'...

Donna Carrington celebrates her 'Business Birthday'

Introducing a Distinction level to our Diplomas, for worthy candidates!!


Guaranteed to give you ‘Spring Fever’ - Our Special Course Pack of the month



Practitioner's Classic Collection ~ April Only

Special Offer '1'

Special Pack
 of the Month

Classic Collection

This offer is applicable when paid in full at the time of enrolment. Our coursework is sent in emailed PDF format. 


'Practitioner's Classic Collection'

Any 9 Courses
excluding Advanced

Self Study or Tutored   

 For April ONLY.....

£395 Self Study
courses worth up to £1215 for £395
£595 Tutored
courses worth up to £2655 for £595

No further discounts or free courses apply to this Package

Payment is required in Full on enrolment

Pack Information>>>

Course Selection>>>

Enrolment Form>>>


New Graduate & UK Contact


Another New Graduate joins our Roll of Honour this month. Her name is Julia Clegg from North Yorkshire, UK.  "Reflexions’ is my therapy-based practice, opened in September 2013,  which operates from my home in Northallerton.  The most rewarding part of studying and 'setting up my practice' is being able to give someone the time to be heard, to discuss what needs to be altered or changed in their lives and to help them move forward to attain some 'peace, tranquillity and contentment' with their day-to-day living".

This story is both 'fascinating and inspiring' >>>

Julia has also accepted our invitation to join our UK Contacts.

UK Contacts Page >>>


Special Offer # 2 ~ April


Special Offer '2'

Our '2 x 1' Offer

Plus a Third Course

 Half Price

This offer is applicable when paid in full at the time of enrolment. Our coursework is sent in emailed PDF format.


*Option A*

Buy 1 get 1 FREE - (Tutored or Self Study)

To qualify for the 2 for 1 offer
Please pay in full for the course of the higher value.

*Option B*

Buy 1 get 1 FREE - (Tutored or Self Study)

Plus - 3rd course is HALF PRICE!

To qualify for the 2 for 1 and 3rd course half price, please pay in full for one course plus 50% of the third course.

 Fees paid are always for the courses of the higher value

Course Selection>>>

Enrolment Form>>>


New Workshops in the UK!

Helen & Victoria

Victoria Fallowfield and Helen Bradley now provide practical Workshops in East Yorkshire.

They offer the following subjects; Aromatherapy & Reflexology to Advanced level, Holistic Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Indian Face Massage and Indian Head Massage.

Workshops & Mentoring >>>


Special Offer # 3 ~ April

Special Offer '3'

20% Discount on
Special Packages

Plus a Free Course

This offer is applicable when paid in full at the time of enrolment. Our coursework is sent in emailed PDF format. 



Affordable Special Course Packages

20% Discount

*** This discount may not be applied to Special Offers 1 & 2 above
or the Silver Star Pack


 Free Self Study course (value £135)

Discounts apply when you pay in full on enrolment
Deduct the 20% before you pay

Special Course Packages>>>

Course Selection>>>

Enrolment Form>>>


Silver Star Pack Makeover

Great news for students wishing to study two subjects to Advanced level.

Our Silver Star Pack gets a 'make-over' to include two foundation courses and two advanced courses, 4 courses in total.

You may choose either Self Study for £295  or the Tutored method of study for £495.

Pack Details >>>


Congratulations to Donna Carrington

Donna Carrington at "Divine Natural" celebrated a Business anniversary in January 2014.

A huge 'round of applause' from all of us at the School.

Visit 'Our Graduates Page' >>>



Special Services

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Pre-Enrolment Enquiries

Can't Find a Course Pack to suit you?

We will create one especially for YOU!

Sample Pages? Send us your course selection:  

Email us with your requests >>>



Add a 'Distinction level' to your Diplomas?

Our ‘professional accrediting bodies’ have given us the go-ahead to introduce a further level of excellence for all students who have completed their coursework with 'merit'.  

How do you achieve this?  A distinction level will be added to diplomas for all students who have shown excellent understanding of the course subject.  This relates to each answer paper submitted to us after every lesson (by putting answers in your own words, not copying from our text) together with a 'faultless final exam' with added 'flair and attention to detail', at the end of the course. Everyone who indicates they have 'gone the extra mile', will deserve our Distinction award.

 For more detailed information click here >>>


Positive Thinking is a choice...

Try some of these tips to boost your positivity…

Make some space
, “spring clean” your home or office.

Look after yourself, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water.  

Get outside! Re-discover Nature and the fresh air.       

Write down five things you do that make you feel happy. 

Be nice to other people, no matter what.


The End Bit ...

This April make a ‘Career move for the better’.  We provide you with a ‘really affordable route’ to your 'new future'.  Already a therapist? Let us help you expand your range of therapies!

With our April Very Special Offers everyone can afford to learn for a 'bright new future'. 

The ‘Bonus Ball’ is - you can complete your studies at your own pace, with no time limits.  This means an ‘enjoyable journey’, to a ‘brighter future’, without the pressure of working to deadlines! 

We do it all…………….So can you! 

‘Happy April’ and best regards,


p.s  'A big round of applause' to everyone who has given us such tremendous support for this Newsletter.  Your contribution is 'really, really valuable' to us!

p.p.s. Our list of over '40 subjects' is here: 

Holistic Therapy Training at
'affordable prices'

April ~ Time to study for a 'New Career'!!!


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