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August 2014 Newsletter
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An Awesome August  Everyone! 

Bring Joy and Fun into this Holiday month... Let’s kick off with that aim in mind. So, start smiling! It makes people wonder what you're up to! 

Whatever type of holiday you are planning, don't forget Our Course Material travels light on your iphone, ipad or whatever gadget you have!!

Smile 1. We welcome our graduate, Hazel McCully, who tells us about the opening of her new therapy business in Corfu.  How exciting is that?

Smile 2. Désirée Meunier-Mallet shares her article on the diverse benefits of Hypnotherapy.

Smile 3. Introducing our latest 'Discounted Course Pack',  the 'Silver Star Starter Pack'. Difficult to say when tired!  Nevertheless, well worth more than one look!

Smile 4. Trending course subjects to add to your 'therapy tool kit'

Smile 5. It's official, chocolate is good for you!!!

  I almost forgot!

Smile 6. August Special Money Saving Offers >>> making studying for your new career affordable to you all.

That's a good deal of 'smiling' to put everyone in the right frame of mind. Please read on and enjoy all our News...

  Practitioner's Comprehensive Course Collection ~ August Only

Special Offer '1'

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Comprehensive Course Collection

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'Practitioner's Comprehensive
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Featured Student of the Month

A warm welcome to Hazel McCully 

"My practice 'Sunbeam Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapies' is based in Gouvia, on the beautiful island of Corfu. We opened our doors to the public in February 2014. The business includes a 'therapy treatment centre plus a shop', where we sell crystals and various holistic products. To expand my practice, I recently recruited a trainee therapist, Eleni Psarra, who is studying Reflexology and Indian Head Massage with the school. Eleni is half Greek and half English which really helps when working in Corfu".

Read Hazel's Story >>>


Special Offer # 2 ~ August

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Buy One get One FREE

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Hypnotherapy Becomes Inspirational

Désirée Meunier-Mallet from Mauritius, shares her article on 'Interesting forms of Hypnotherapy'.

"Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of Psychotherapy combining cognitive therapeutic counselling with subconscious healing techniques.  Hypnotherapy can cure phobias, fears, and anxiety. It can also help alleviate sleep disorders, depression, stress, post-trauma anxiety, grief and many more troublesome symptoms" 

Read the Full Article >>>


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'Dip your toe in the water' with this 'added value' course pack.  You may choose any '5' of our non advanced courses. 

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Trending Course Subjects


To help those who are starting out on the path of a 'new career' in Holistic Therapies, here is a guide to some of our most popular subjects.  Try and include at least one when you enrol. 

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Chocolate is good for you!

How is Cocoa Good for my Stomach? quote by  Michael Roizen MD and Mehmet Oz MD

"Hold off on chocolate syrups and bars! They're loaded with added sugar and not much chocolate goodness. We recommend you enjoy 1/2 ounce of 70 percent dark chocolate, no less than a couple times a week, and no more than once a day. One-half ounce delivers 85 calories and 6 grams of fat -- 3.5 of those grams a saturated fat that your liver wonderfully converts to a healthy fat on its first pass through".


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I hope you have enjoyed our news! 

You can continue your 'Joyful Journey' armed with positive inspiration from our graduates and us! – Not to mention 'Our Affordable course fees' >>> and a bit of 'Sun, Sea and Sangria' perhaps?  

Whether you are going away for a holiday or staying at home, don't forget your 'course material'. It's portable!

All excellent reasons to SMILE…

Happy August to everyone. Continue studying hard, as you always do, but make sure you "find some time to have some FUN" this holiday month!

Best wishes


p.s. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has given us such tremendous support for this Newsletter.  Your contribution is really 'valuable' to us!

p.p.s. Our List of over 40 subjects is here:  A-Z Courses Index >>>

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August ~ Time to study for a 'New Career'!!!


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