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Natural Health Courses School


A Diploma Correspondence Course of 11 Lessons


Home study is the modern, flexible way to learn holistic medicine. No attendance is necessary.

All courses are conducted by distance learning.

This course leads to a Practitioner/Therapist Level Qualification.



Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness, it is a form of meditation. "Watching your breath" is meditation; ‘Listening to the

Birds’ is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation. Meditation also means a

cessation of the thought process. It is a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of ‘scattered thoughts' and intrusive patterns.


About the Course

This course in Meditation, takes the student on a journey through both Eastern and Western 'meditation techniques'; from ‘Chakra Balancing’ to

‘Walking the Labyrinth’. The intended outcome of this course of study is twofold, the first is that the successful student should be able to

‘conduct their own meditations, for their own benefit’, and commence in ‘organising and leading meditation groups and classes’. The second is

that this firm foundation in Meditation may be used as the basis for further ‘self-development’. 


Who should take this Course?

This stand alone course, is aimed at students who wish to obtain 'competence in practising and teaching meditation'. No previous qualifications are

required, as this course covers the appropriate basics for those studying this subject for the first time.


Subjects included in the Course:

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Position and Posture
  • Meditation and Mind
  • Mantra Meditation
  • The Chakra System and Meditation (I)
  • The Chakra System and Meditation (II)
  • Meditation in Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  • Meditation and the Labyrinth
  • Meditation and the Tarot
  • Meditation Problems & Solutions
  • Conducting a Meditation Class

This course also contains several 'Audio Guided Meditations'.


Students obtaining 80% average pass marks will be awarded an accredited SNHS Practitioner Diploma


About the Course Writer

Tony Edwards is a Nationally Registered Hypnotherapist and Hypnoanalyst. He is a Fellow of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and a Registered

Member of the Association of Natural Medicine. Tony holds advanced qualifications in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Modification,

Stress Management, Transpersonal Psychotherapy and  in Naturopathy and Nutrition. He is the author of internationally recognised training courses

and texts in these subjects. He is a member of several 'Professional Bodies' concerned with various modalities in the complementary therapy field.

Tony is also a Member of the Nutrition Society, and a Life Fellow of Medicina Alternativa.



Course Fees:

Tutored: Single payment of £295

or £95 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of £50


Self-Study: Single payment of £135

or £35 deposit followed by 4 monthly payments of £25



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